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Seven blistering tracks on the first full-length release from Erie, PA metal giants, including 'Forest of the Facade', and 'Curse of Man'.

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Released 2015

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Carnival EP
Released 2009

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The year is 2015, and Sarsen has released their long-awaited debut LP, 'Sarsen'. The album is an exploration of musical and lyrical themes developed by the band over their career, embracing elements of progressive rock, classic and modern heavy metal. Powerful rhythms set the background for brooding and wailing vocals, complex harmonies and searing guitar leads. Each carefully-crafted song carries individual weight, with lyrics discussing themes of loss, death, fantasy and horror. Recorded and produced at Maerick Studios in Erie, PA, the album is available now

Originally started in 2008 by Mike Edgerly (vocals), Lucien Gaydos (guitars), Andrew Vickery (bass) and Raymond Brown (drums), Sarsen crafted an original sound and blazed new paths in the underground tri-state metal scene. After releasing a demo in the bleak Great Lake winter of 2010, the band took a hiatus to focus on individual musical projects. Reforming again in 2012 with drummer Cody Hoepfl, Sarsen once again ignited their furnace and stoked the flames to forge new material, with new focus and greater passion than ever.

Sarsen looks to the long road for 2015 and beyond, offering more captivating performances that feature their signature instrumentation, wild guitar solos and bombastic rhythmic work. Never comfortable or willing to rest, the band continually crafts songs that explore new sonic territory, ever looking beyond and seeking new shores.

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